Arizona’s #1 Homebuilder Wants To Invest $400 Million In Glendale.

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Glendale’s turnaround is one of the great municipal achievements in recent Arizona history. And the private sector is taking notice. Pulte, Arizona’s top ranked homebuilder, is proposing to invest approximately $400 million in Glendale for a new 395-acre, master-planned community known as StoneHaven near 91st Avenue and Camelback. John F. Long properties is investing an additional $50 million.

The Glendale Chamber of Commerce has endorsed StoneHaven!

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It would mean a staggering $49 million in additional tax revenues  for Glendale coffers. Besides new homes it would also mean a desperately needed grocery store for the area that will help keep shopping dollars in Glendale and benefit Glendale, rather than migrate across Camelback into Phoenix. And the plan includes no new apartments.

Quite simply, Glendale is on a roll – With improving bond and financial ratings that save taxpayers money; job gains and business expansions – and now a massive investment from a company that hasn’t made one in Glendale for two decades.

All of this means more revenue for parks, police, fire and the quality of life Glendale residents want and deserve.

What a difference a few years makes. Join the applause by adding your name to the list of residents supporting StoneHaven.

Glendale Momentum Petition

As a resident of Glendale I am pleased that Pulte Homes and John F. Long Properties want to invest approximately $450 million in our City for a project that promises to add more than $49 million to city coffers, revenues that are to be used to help our parks, police, fire department, streets and other infrastructure, and quality of life. Indeed, recent years have been tough times for Glendale but our new City leadership has managed to get us back on the path to financial stability.

StoneHaven represents a turning point. It will bring a new supermarket to an area that badly needs one for more choice and convenience. Besides, we want to spend our money at grocery stores, shops, and restaurants in Glendale, not just across the way in Phoenix. It will offer quality new housing. We have seen too many projects in the past that actually cost the city money. StoneHaven represents a back to basics approach that adds to the tax base and improves the quality of life for the people who live here. Please vote yes on StoneHaven. Stand with the residents of Glendale.

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